AOPA China Visits International Flight Test Institute

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AOPA China Visits International Flight Test Institute

Publication Date: 01/02/2016

Upon invitation, Deputy Secretary General of AOPA China, Ms. Guo Yang,recently visited the largest and the most advanced professional flight test training institution in the world: International Fight Test Institute (IFTI). IFTI is a member of AOPA China as well as AOPA U.S.A. Bill Korner, founder and current CEO, is an honored pilot and experienced training instructor. As a business genius, Bill founded two enterprises in his early career that both ended up in the top Fortune 100 and were successfully bought out afterwards. Retired from U.S. Air Force, Bill joined more than 220 field combats in Vietnam and Dessert Storm Operation and was awarded with many top national distinguished medals. Even though he is approaching 70, Bill is still nothing short of a refined gentleman. He recently attended the annual Legendary Night of Aviation in Los Angles, which was hosted by famous pilot and star John Travolta. Many Hollywood stars like Harrison Ford and Angelina Julie joined Bill at this occasion.

Ms. Guo Yang, Deputy Secretary Geneal of AOPA and Bill, Founder and CEO of IFTIphoto taken at the exact spot wher every graduate shall have his/her photo shot upon graduation

IFTI located in Mojave Air and Space Port, with a huge piece of land and well equipped facilities. Bill showed Ms. Guo around the classrooms, library,special lab and avionic instruments as well as 5 large hangers that can hold 20 aircraft each. Since most of IFTI’s trainees are from all over the word and some of them may need to stay here for training for a year, the services provided by IFTI to all the trainees are very much globalized.

        IFTI airfield picturethe pic above also indicates that there’s an aviation dream in each kid

IFTI provided and successfully completed a refreshing training course of FAA standard for the pilots and engineers from CAAC and SAACC in Nov. 2015 and carried out comprehensive cooperation with COMAC upon many flight test subjects in which IFTI provides the top level flight test related training and customized services as required by Chinese customers.

                                                                     IFTI bird’s eye view

IFTI is an institution certified under 141 of FAA and is capable of providing absolutely top quality training for pilots and engineers of fixed wings aircraft and rotary wing as well. The instructor team of IFTI consists of top level flight test training professionals with years of experience. They are ex-Air Force and Navy pilots, including ex-pilots of NASA and aerospace ship commander, ex-fighter jets pilots, military aircraft flight test academy graduates and instructors. In the past 40 years, they have trained thousands of pilots with an impeccable safety record.

One of the most distinguished training courses of IFTI is URRT. Due to the fact that flight training has been overwhelmingly done with different types of simulators in the past, pilots lack emergency handling skills with the loss of
control over one’s aircraft, which had already resulted in many avoidable major accidents. IFTI works with the most famous insurance companies and is fully endorsed by FAA flying standard department and NTSB. Meanwhile, IFTI also interacts with aviation technology schools and universities and aviation experts on a regular basis. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has already started promoting this training program based upon real aircraft flying experience in civil aviation globally and would expect to see its full deployment in 2017 in large scale.

Bill shows Ms. Guo the airspace of Mojave Airport shared with Air Force base. There’s a
dark green belton the lower part of the pic. That is the airspace corridor for supersonic aircrafts!



                                                  Trainee’s equipment


Bill’s all time favorite Huey helicopter 500. Bill always loves to fly with it and makes sure it’s well

Bill’s private jet. He often flies it to different places in the world. At times, he also enjoys a
few loops in the air to get away from work

View of campus, the building afar with aircrafts parking in front is IFTI’s maintenance

In a very pleasant 2-hour conversation, Bill shared with us his flying stories and entrepreneurship adventures and many of his experiences and comments exchanged with top elites in aviation.

Currently, Bill is reintegrating businesses and creating a brand new Mojave Aviation Group which will consolidate 6 different business units, including: International Flight Test Institution, National Test Pilot School (Nonprofit), maintenance company, airport company, aircraft leasing company and research and development department. Bill has plans to visit China shortly after the Chinese Spring Festival holiday