Aerosim Completes ETHOS Pilot Training Suites for Boeing 787

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 Aerosim Completes ETHOS Pilot Training Suites for Boeing 787

Aerosim has completed its Boeing 787 ETHOS Systems Knowledge and Procedure Training suite with the introduction of the B787 Virtual Procedure Trainer and Virtual Flight Deck Briefing Station components, and will showcase the trainer at the 2015 World Aviation Training Conference & Tradeshow (WATS) in Orlando on April 21-23.

The solution is consists of Boeing 787-8 training tools delivered via Aerosim’s ETHOS platform and includes mobile training, desktop simulation and the B787 Virtual Procedure Trainer.

ETHOS Systems Knowledge provides gives pilots with interactive training in a self-paced environment integrated with the Aerosim Learning Management System (LMS) that includes Cockpit Familiarization, Customized Aircraft Systems Lessons, B787-9 Differences, General Subjects, and FMS Skills all available for tablets and online. A short version of the Aircraft Systems Course is available for pilots transitioning from the Boeing 777.

ETHOS Procedure Training delivers dedicated and customized Procedure Skills Lessons and Procedure Practice. Users can master B787 procedure skills before instructor-led training sessions on the Virtual Procedure Trainer by viewing guided demonstrations of aircraft operation along with practice through the interactive procedure training tools.

The B787 Virtual Procedure Trainer and Virtual Flight Deck Briefing Station offers pilots familiarization, systems integration and procedures training prior to entering the full flight simulator. The B787 VPT is equipped with a set of tactile Simulated Aircraft Hardware to complement the virtual experience including simulation of the Integrated Modular Avionics, aircraft systems, engines, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Heads-up Guidance System (HGS) and Integrated Surveillance System (ISS). Active System Schematics with moving flow lines, comprehensive malfunctions, and 28 day-cycle navigation database updat capability are also featured for complete and comprehensive training scenarios.

(Via.CAT Magazine)